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Soils Workshop
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Group Members     

Dr. Scott Fendorf
Group Leader

Dr. Guangchao Li

Laboratory Manager

Dr. Juan Lezama
Research Associate

Dr. Kristin Boye
Post-doctoral Scientist

Dr. Marie Muehe
Post-Doctoral Scientist





Dr. Maegen Simmonds
Post-Doctoral Scientist





Christian Dewey
Graduate Student

Sarah Fakhreddine
Graduate Student

Debra Hausladen
Graduate Student

Hannah Naughton
Graduate Student





Scott Roycroft
Graduate Student


Michael Schaefer
Graduate Student


If you would like to join our group click on ADMISSION INFORMATION or send an email to us.

Former Group Members:

Member Position Year(s) Current Position
Jason  W  Stuckey    Graduate Student 2008-5  
Yanhua     Duan    Visiting Scholar 2014-2015  
Jessica     Dittmar    Post-doctoral Scientist 2010-2013  
Xinxin     Guo    Visiting Scholar 2012-2013  
Yoko     Masue-Slowey    Visiting Scholar 2004-2013 NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Santa Barbara, Geography Department.
Camille    Jones    Graduate Student 2011-2013  
Mike  S  Massey    Graduate Student 2008-2013  
Angelia   L   Seyfferth    Post-doctoral Scientist 2008-2012 Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware
Benjamin  D  Kocar    Graduate Student 2002-2011 Scientist at SLAC
Mauricio  P F  Fontes    Visiting Scholar 2009-2010  
Paul  D  Bedore    Graduate Student 2007-2009 State of California
Ruben     Kretzschmar    Visiting Scholar 2008-2009  
Matthew  L  Polizzotto    Post-doctoral Scientist 2001-2009 NIH
Prasesh      Sharma    Visiting Scholar 2008-2009  
Kate  J  Tufano    Graduate Student 2003-2008 -
Brandy  D  Stewart    Graduate Student 2002-2008 I'm just glad I'm not one of the Matts
Satoshi     Mitsunobu    Post-doctoral Scientist 2008-2008  
Hanne  Dahl  Pedersen    Post-doctoral Scientist 2006-2007  
Karen  J  Murray    Post-doctoral Scientist 2005-2007  
Celine     Pallud    Post-doctoral Scientist 2005-2007 Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley
Matthew  A  Ginder-Vogel    Graduate Student 2001-2006 Post-Doc Fellow at University of Delaware
Thomas     Borch    Post-doctoral Scientist 2004-2006 Assistant Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry at Colorado State University
Colleen   M  Hansel    Graduate Student 1999-2005 -Harvard University
Matt  D  Lappe    Lab Technician 2004-2005 aka Matt Cubed aka Yoga Matt
Jim  M  Neiss    Graduate Student 2002-2005  
Daniel  J  Martin    Summer Intern 2004-2004 -Stanford University
Daniel  J  Richter    Summer Intern 2004-2004 Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Mitchell  J  Herbel    Post-doctoral Sciientist 2003-2004 Visiting Scientist George E. Brown, Jr., Salinity Laboratory 450 W. Big Springs Road Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 369-4867
Deborah  L  Bond    Graduate Student 2000-2003 Hydrologist, USGS, Menlo Park.
Chris     Oze    Graduate Student 1998-2003 -Current Position: Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College</br> -Last position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College.
Shawn     Benner    Post-doctoral Scientist 2000-2002 Assitent Professor, BSU, Boise, ID
Benjamin  C  Bostick    Graduate Student 1995-2002 Assistent Professor, Dartmouth College
Kristin  L  Revill    MS Student 1999-2002 Stanford University
Theresa  M  Barber    Graduate Student 2000-2002 Environmental Consultant, Battelle
Peter  S  Nico    Visiting Scholar 2001-2002 Assitent Professor, C.S.U. Stanislaus
Mathew     La Force    Graduate Student 1996-2000 Assistant Professor CSU, San Francisco, CA
Bruce  W   Wielinga    Post-doctoral Scientist 1998-2000 Environmental Consultant MFG,Inc. Fort COllins, CO
Greg     Merklin    Post-doctoral Scientist 1998-2000  
Karl     Olm    Summer Intern 1999-1999 Internship during summer
Rick      Denning    MS Student 1996-1998 Facility Representative of the Department of Energy,Idaho Falls, ID
Midori  M  Mizuba    Post-Masters 1997-1998  
Elizabeth     Rochette    Post-doctoral Scientist 1995-1998 Assistant Professor UNH, Durham, NH
Ronald      Paterson    MS Student 1994-1996 NIH, Washigton, DC
Marisa     Cox    Graduate Student 1994-1996 USGS, Menlo Park, CA
Alicea     Cock-Esteb    Graduate Student 2012-   
Morris  E  Jones.    Post-doctoral Scientist 2012-   
Sam  C  Ying    Graduate Student 2004-   
Kirti     Dhiman    Visiting Scholar 2012-   
Jessica  A  Lee    Graduate Student 2008-   
Marco     Keiluweit    Post-doctoral Scientist 2013-