Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry

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Soils Courses Offered

Courses Offered:

GES 175, Science of Soils
Instructor: Dr. Scott Fendorf

Course Description: This course describes the physical, chemical, and biological processes that occur within soil systems. Factors governing nutrient availability, plant growth/production, land-resource management, and pollution within soils are emphasized.

GES 265, Microbially Mediate Redox Processes
Instructor: Dr. Scott Fendorf

Course Description: An in-depth treatment of chemical and biologically mediated chemical processes within soils and surface waters is provided; emphasis is given to oxidation-reduction reactions and processes at the solid-water interface. Included are a description of electron transfer processes, dissimilatory metal reduction, ion exchange, electrified interfaces, specific adsorption, and dissolution/precipitation.

GES 166/266, Soil Chemistry
Instructor: Dr. Scott Fendorf

Course Description: A practical and quantitative treatment of soil processes affecting chemical reactivity, transformation, retention, and bioavailability is provided. The course covers three primary areas of soil chemistry: (I) a description of inorganic and organic soil components, (II) complex equilibria in soil solutions, and (III) adsorption phenomena at the solid-water interface. Special considerations required for acid, saline, and wetland soils are also addressed.

Other Soil Courses Offered at Stanford University Campus

GES 130 Environmental Earth Sciences I: Soil Physics and Hydrology
Instructor: Dr. Keith Loague

Course Description: First of a two-part sequence on surface and near-surface processes. The waters of the Earth, their occurrence, distribution, circulation, and reaction with the environment. Topics: precipitation, evapotranspiration, infiltration and vadose zone, groundwater, surface water and streamflow generation, lakes, water supply and use, and water balance and flood frequency estimates. Current and classic theory in soil physics and hydrology. Urban, rangeland, and forested environments. Project throughout sequence involves preparation of a case study report. Students present a reconnaissance report. Field trips to project area and San Mateo County coast.

GES 220 Terrestrial Biogeochemistry
Instructor: Dr. Peter Vitousek

Course Description: Terrestrial Biogeochemistry—Nutrient cycling and the regulation of primary and secondary production in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems; land-water and biosphere-atmosphere interactions; global element cycles and their regulation; human effects on biogeochemical cycles. Prerequisite: graduate standing in science or engineering; consent of instructor for undergraduates or coterminal students.

GES 238, Soil Physics- Advanced Level
Instructor: Dr. Keith Loague

Course Description: Focusing on the physical and chemical properties of the soil solid phase with emphasis on the transport, retention, and transformation of water, heat, gases, and solutes in the unsaturated subsurface.   Agricultural systems, field techniques and classic experiments demonstrated and reproduced in the lab.
Prerequisite: elementary calculus. Recommended: 230.

A link to his course syllabus is http://pangea.Stanford.EDU/hydro/classes/GES238/238home.htm