Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry

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sulfur.gif (23241 bytes) Sulfur Species in Humic and Fulvic Acids
Co_Mn_Speciation.gif (22765 bytes) In Situ Speciation of Co and Mn under Hydrodynamic Conditions
metalDist.gif (43396 bytes) Metal Distributions on Plant  Roots Using X-ray Fluorescence Microtomography (FCMT)
spatdist.gif (26509 bytes) Spatial Distribution and Structural Environment of Mn and Zn on  Plant Roots
cdfes2.gif (82331 bytes) Cadmium Sorption on Pyrite
2KPoster_final.jpg (1510190 bytes) Organic ligand-Promoted Chromium Mobilization in Soils
1.jpg (12965 bytes) Biogenic Iron Phases Resulting from the Reductive Dissolution of Ferrihydrite under Dynamic Flow Conditions
v3_slide0018_background.gif (6100 bytes) Reductive Dissolution and Biomineralization of Iron Oxides Under Dynamic Flow Conditions
Slide1.JPG (487476 bytes) Oxidation of Chelated Chromium (III) by Manganese Oxide in Soils
slide1.jpg (89211 bytes) Green Rust Reduction via Cr(VI)

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