Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry

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Research Mission

In our research we seek to define processes (chemical, biological, and hydrological) that control the cycling of elements ranging from iron to carbon to to arsenic within soils, sediments and surface waters.  Much of our research examines reactions influencing the element availability to plants and animals, and their propensity to migrate in the environment.  Our studies try to capture the complexity of natural environments and the integration of processes (rather than a single, isolated factor) controlling the fate of elements in soils and fresh waters.  And our work ranges from a microscopic examination of processes at mineral or bacterial surfaces to field-scale investigations of element cycling.  Regardless of the scale, we seek to use molecular-level techniques to concretely define the processes under study and to appreciate time-dependent (kinetic) factors. It is our hope that these investigations will provide information currently needed to accurate predict and understand the fate of elements, including many inorganic contaminants (such as arsenic), within surface and subsurface environments.


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